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Swim Deep – “King City”
Jun 2013 08

Swim Deep is making their way from the underground to the main stream with their catchy beats and surfer rock attitude. I have to say their my favorite new indie band and if you haven’t heard of them yet go check out their Soundcloud page to see what I’m talking about. Swim Deep just re-released the remastered album version of their definitely to be played on a beach single “King City”. Check out their contagious sound and get summerized below.

Here’s the latest from my favorite new EDM artists. Discloure has been dropping tracks left and right. The amazing part is their quantity is amazing quality. “When A Fire Starts To Burn” is no different. Today we get the visual treatment, the video takes the vocal sample in the track and makes it part of a sermon delivered by a preacher in a church. Interesting approach and works. If you want to see how dope this album truly is go stream over here: Get spiritual!

May 2013 29

So recently there’s been a lot of new old sounding hip-hop tracks being released; YAY. And leave it to one of hip-hop’s pioneers, De La Soul to drop this remade Wu-Tang track that uses the sampling from the “Intro” track off Wu-Tang Forever album. “Get Away.” even has the same gritty production style and lyrics that are undeniably fit De La Soul’s personality.

Havoc – “Favorite Rap Stars” featuring Styles P & Raekwon
May 2013 27

This song comes fresh of Havoc’s new solo venture album called ’13′. “Favorite Rap Stars” comes hard with the classic beat and sampling, hitting a home run, sounds like it could’ve been straight off a Mobb Deep album from the 90′s. It’s refreshing to hear something new that sounds old. Leave it to half of Mobb Deep to put out one of fav tunes of the year also featuring some of my favorite rap stars….Styles P and Raekwon really solidify the best track off Havoc’s ’13′.

May 2013 26

Here’s something fresh that I’m pretty sure nobody has heard of. Jaymes Young first mysterious introduction called “Dark Star” sheds some light on his already mysterious lifestyle. Digging deeper into singer Jaymes Young’s Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages reveals pretty much the same thing as this song….nada. “Dark Star” is equal parts dark and anthemic, lurching forward on its massive beat and mysterious ways.

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