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Jhameel – “Lost One”
Feb 2012 01

Lost Ones – Jhameel
One song that knocked hard a while back was Jay-Z’s “Lost Ones” produced by Dre, the sad ballad about champions made me fall in love. Everything about the track was dope. Aaaa the hook and the vocals, so sweet!. Jhameel is brilliant when it comes to remixes and this is just another testament to his talent. Jhameel was sent “Lost Ones” and asked to remix. It’s no doubt a match made in heaven. the slickest of songs with a new spin. Check it out! I also found some rare footage of Jhameel on set with Jay-Z during “Lost Ones” video production;)

Feb 2012 01

Here’s another fresh remix of M83 “Midnight City”, this song has so many different levels of awesomeness. Doesn’t matter the remix as long a there is a slight tinge of the original it’s dope. This is no different. LA producer PatrickReza took the perfect elements needed from the original and created a dirty wobbly version. The video gives the track the extra push forward to seal this track in dubstep fame.

Toro Y Moi – “Dead Pontoon”
Feb 2012 01

Dead Pontoon – Toro Y Moi
As we grow to appreciate new tracks and new directions that artists take, it’s only normal that Toro Y Moi would assume the same philosphy. “Dead Pantoon” is what many fans may have liked in the early Toro Y Moi and those same fans can expect a little throwback called “June 2009″ on April 24th which is a collection of tracks that were all previously unreleased before his hit “Causers of This”. I love me some early Toro chill-wave.

Conner Youngblood – “Australia”
Jan 2012 31

Australia – Conner Youngblood
It’s been a year since I’ve heard anything about Conner Youngblood. His new album titled “Sketches Pt. 1″ just dropped on the internet. It is an eclectic mix of the staples that make Conner Youngblood so intriguing. “Australia” is the first track track on “Sketches Pt. 1″, it’s a very melodic and beautiful sounding. Make sure to check it out.

Cris Cab – “One Thing” ft. Pharrell
Jan 2012 31

One Thing – Cris Cab ft. Pharrell
Like everybody else I heard of Cris Cab when he decided to do reggae-pop covers of the Top 40 hits. He got the attention of the mainstream and some pretty big artists such as Pharrell, Billionaire Boys Club, and Wyclef . So the name of his latest offspring mixtape is called “Echo Boom”. “One Thing” featuring Pharrell is a good snippet of the mixtape, Enjjoy!