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Apr 2012 21

Formerly know as “Theraflu”, Dj Khaled’s hand made and forged for Mr. West. “Way Too Cold” get’s the unofficial music video from director Ash Innovator. It’s pretty damn good for an unofficial video, for a minute I thought it was official. Plus I like Baby West way better.

Nightmares on Wax – “Flip Ya Lid”
Apr 2012 20

Flip Ya Lid – Nightmare on Wax
Here’s a laid back reggae vibe for today. For some this embodiment of letting go and being one with the human soul becomes ever more cherished with the sound and nostalgia of music all the while you puff that happy stick. You can’t help but draw a connection between this type of music and the most holy of all plants. Have a great day!

Apr 2012 19

“QueenS” is the first introduction for me to the Seattle duo called THEESatistaction. They seem to have the style down to a T and the visuals are tightly constructed to fit this indie style hip-hop. All I can think when I hear this loop heavy song is that I want it to be sampled and made into an even bigger banger. Will see if anyone pickup on that.

Apr 2012 16

Dirty Projectors Amber Coffman team up with Diplo and Switch for this light reggae track “Get Free”. Cope this track and a remix by Blonde Do Role for free in exchange for your email on Major Lazer’s site.

Portugal. The Man – “All Your Light (RZA Remix)”
Apr 2012 10

RZA, the man behind some of Wu-Tangs biggest tracks decided he’d take Portugal, The Man’s “All Your Light” and mold it into one of his perfectly fit to be in a movie soundtrack songs. It’s cool and funky. It’s definitely a RZA masterpiece.

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