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Nov 2012 16

There’s something about Swedish (of course) producers, they produce good music as if it was their countries main import. Staygold is not different and they are gearing up for the November 23rd release of the Rain On Our Parade album, and “Wallpaper” is the lead single featuring Style Of Eye and Pow. The track is has already reached top 10 in Sweden, and if Sweden has proved anything over the years, it’s that they know music better than almost any country.

Nov 2012 14

Hard hitting, no frills Freddie Gibbs just released his latest visuals for “BFK”. Just like Freddie the video takes the realistic approach. Mostly tapped his hood- Gary, Indiana, giving you a slice of his hometown and the people who support him. This track opened up Baby Face Killa, and plays almost like a mission statement, breaking down what Gibbs is about and where he’s going. Straight to your face, no filter or posturing.

HAIM – “Send Me Down”
Nov 2012 13

Here’s the latest from semi sister act HAIM. It’s catchy as always but this time “Send Me Down” (their latest single) takes a slower tempo. Instead of the usual ’80s sound, they sub in a brass bulldozer to give this one some serious muscle. Now all we need is a debut album. SVP.

Nov 2012 11

Kid Cudi is back on the scene with a familiar sounding song that I can’t put my fingers on. For “Just What I Am,” Cudi packed his more rap sounding ways with King Chip, and the two have just dropped the official video for the track. This is Cudi’s directorial debut, and he hit Twitter to let fans know how this one was meant to be seen: “The Just What I Am video was designed to be watched on acid and/or shrooms. try it out!!! take the trip!!!”

Nov 2012 11

Hey guys! Sorry we haven’t had many post of late. We’ve been busy with a lot of new exciting projects. Stay tuned for more info.

One of my fav West coast duo TiRon & Ayomari drop this slightly candid video for their mellow track “Lot On Your Mind,” from their 2011 album Sucker For Pumps. The video depicts a fun outing at a carnival, a fine fit for the pleasantly nonchalant nature of the song, a little rest for an overstressed mind. Watch the video for “Lot On Your Mind” above

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