Daft Punk – Technologic (Digitalism Remix)
Feb 2010 21

Technologic (Digitalism Remix) – Daft Punk Lepaux Add On
This was in my dreams on the weekend…or the club. Don’t remember but mostly likely remixes that sound this good only exist in my dreams. Beginning is a slow, so if need skip straight to masterpiece from 2 mins to 3 mins. Why can’t the whole song be like that??

Apr 2010 04

Sorry for the long hiatus. Too many things going on. But in a very good way. Stay tuned…for new music and new look. Also stay tuned for dates for our live show on the radio.

This is one of the best Kid Cudi remixes and it is that because I think it really fits the song well and didn’t mess up the meaning or anything.

Apr 2010 07

I covered this song last month. Very interesting. I guess Nas thought the same thing cause he dropped this wicked remix.
This song is amazing. It combines the rap genius of Nas with the old school down south gritty music. It is a combination of two so different genres that came out with some kind of mutated baby that happened to be amazing.

Apr 2010 07

This song is so amazing. No wonder this remix is hot!! Mike Dreams goes over a crazy chopped up beat of How To Make It In America’s theme song and absolutely does his thing on the track. This track is a leak from the upcoming project.

Apr 2010 19

I just stumbled on this guy last week and today I was left wanting more. He does have a lot of great tracks out there. Here’s a remix to Cooler than me which he play on Carson Daily. This version brings the funk to the original.

Apr 2010 21

Yeah I’m a little late of Passion Pit. So I figured I’d make it up to you by posting a great remix by Neo Tokyo.

Brenton Duvall – That Tree (Snoop and Cudi vs The xx)
Apr 2010 22

That Tree – Kid Cudi & Snoop Dog vs The xx
This kid is magic! His mash ups are the best I’ve heard in a while (check out the Lil Wayne x Passion Pit mash up), and this follow up is a strong indicator that Brenton Duvall is going to be a problem. His mash ups are smooth, remixed joints that put most cut-and-paste mashes in the corner with dunce caps on. Besides having the mixing, tweaking, and melody-matching down to an art (despite his dorm room set up), he also has a good, diverse taste in music that he pulls from to make some really fresh sounds.

YACHT & Jack Penate Covers/Remixes The xx
Apr 2010 22

The Afterlife – Yacht
Pull My Heart – Jack Penate
Today marks the release of YACHT’s newest single, “The Afterlife”. The single is accompanied by remixes from the likes of DAT Politics, Andrew WK and The xx.The latter is atypical of the xx. The band has always worn a distinct dubstep inclination, but this remix removes the dream-pop sensibilities that the xx usually build their remixes upon (see: You’ve Got The Love, Pull My Heart Away). It’s interesting to see the band commit to experimenting with this remix, but it ultimately falls a bit short and feels like another dubstep-y remix. You be the judge:

Apr 2010 29

For their new album, ‘Planet Anthem,’ the Disco Biscuits are going for something slightly different than the sweaty, marathon throw-downs that they’re famous for live. Sure, the concerts are packed with kids who follow the Biscuits from show to show, but their albums were never as fully appreciated as their nightly spectacles. The band spent three years working to change that, via a focused effort in which the songs would be treated as songs instead of jams. Likewise, this time around they’re treating the videos as videos.

“All of our past videos have been DIY,” bassist Marc Brownstein admits. “But we knew we had to do something special for ‘You and I.’” So when the Biscuits flew to Japan this past summer to headline the Fuji Rock festival, they brought along Ghost Town Media (Death Cab for Cutie, Kanye West) to make the video.

Also check out Ski’s remix. Truely amazing. His colab mixtape with the Disco Biscuits is going to be fascinating! I likey way better than original.

Play – You and I – The Disco Biscuits
Play – You and I – The Disco Biscuits(Ski Beatz Remix)

May 2010 06

Because of one of my favorite rappers, Illecism, I was introduced to this guy Trade Vorhees. I started to listen to his remixes and they were amazing. He adds this smooth, calm, but perfectly fitting vibe to these songs.
Trade Vorhees – Money 2 Blow Remix

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