Apr 2010 27

Marina and the Diamonds CRUSH this cover of 3OH!3’s “Starstrukk” on BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge. Marina beautifully transforms the top 40 hit garbage into an epic, almost heartbreaking, pop song. Someone give her all the prizes for being able to turn a song that I found pretty much unbearable into one I now have playing on repeat.

Apr 2010 30

New York City based super duo The Knocks (Benjamin “B Roc” Ruttner and James “J Patt” Patterson) have been remixing their way into the innanetz heart for a minute now. These boys might be two of the busiest dudes in the music industry. They work with the next big things (Ellie Goulding, Mr. Hudson, Theophilus London), remix your favorite songs, opened their own studio (Heavy Roc Music) in China Town, and compete in aggresive dance battles every friday on the lower east side. On top of all that they have just finished producing new pop artist Samuel’s debut album Trains to Wanderland for Startime/Colombia Records.
“Blackout” is the first single of many they will be releasing themselves under the Heavy Roc Music label over the course of the summer. You know when you’re up in tha club and you hear a song that just sets the whole place off, that’s this song. The knocks have an amazing ability for producing mainstream hits without selling out. With lyrics fit for a Facebook picture album title and a beat that pretty much forces you to bob your head this track wins. The song will formally be released on iTunes on May 4 along with edits, covers and remixes from Xaphoon Jones, Samuel, Fear Of Tigers and Yes Giantess.
Play – Blackout – The Knocks

May 2010 03

Oh em eff gee. Once in a while a song comes along that is so incredibly, awesomely on point. Kate Miller-Heidke, a singer-songwriter from Austrailia, delivers so hard on this track. I don’t want to give too much away about it cause the build is what makes it so great. I will tell you that EVERYONE will relate to it. If you are a person who has ever been in a relationship with another person and then you guys broke up, download this song.
It’s not a new song. It’s been on the innanuts for a little while now, but I hadn’t heard it, so I figured other people probably haven’t either? If you’ve heard it, move on (please don’t comment and write “fail” that hurts my feelings). If you have not, please enjoy “Are You Fucking Kidding Me (Facebook Song).”
Play – Kate Miller-Heidke – Are You Fucking Kidding Me? (The Facebook Song)

May 2010 06

Here’s a new one from Bruno Mars, the singer on B.o.B’s hit “Nothin On You” from his upcoming EP, pictured above. At first, I wasn’t sure what to make of Bruno. I wasn’t sure if he’d be like a more pop, less rock version of Kevin Rudolf – good for some choruses every now and then but never really shining on his own. The more I learn about him, I think the Hawaiian/Puerto Rican singer/producer may have a lot more to offer. I’m gonna keep my ears open and give him a few more tries before making up my mind. Any thoughts
Bruno Mars Feat. Cee-Lo and B.O.B – The Other Side

May 2010 06

Not a huge fan of Beyonce but you have to reconize her talent especially in this masterpiece. The throw back to the 60′s is genius. If Taylor Swift wins an award over this video, I will personally sneak into her home and steal the moon man from her. Seriously, the screen shots from this video alone are better than most model portfolios.
Why Don t You Love Me – Beyonce

May 2010 10

Here’s the new M.I.A. song, the first single from her upcoming, still untitled album. This one is less of the weird, percussion-heavy, worldly rapping and more of the lazy Paper Planes style singing (except for the chorus, in which MIA steps into some new territory where her singing sounds more than half-assed) mixed with pure pop over nicely balanced production from Blaqstarr. This may be too straightforward for some MIA fans craving more Arular, but it sure sounds like a hit while keeping in line with MIA’s unique style.
Had to bring back the wiggle pic. Still blows my mind.

May 2010 11

This is the visual for The Kickdrums’ “Love Is A Drug”, which is off of their unreleased *Detached At Ease* album. More dopeness from the Kickdrums
Love is a Drug – The Kickdrums

May 2010 11

This track stood out the most for me off of Janelle Monae’s upcoming album which is due out very very shortly. When I saw the Of Montreal feature I was like ohhh what. These two are a very very interesting combination that really work together. The weirdness and uniqueness of both artists just seem to come together to make some crazy eargasm of music.
Janelle Monae feat Of Montreal – Make The Bus

May 2010 30

Here’s the new Estelle track featuring Nas called “Fall In Love”. The track was released on Estelle’s site without the Nas verse but here’s the one you really want. Enjoy..
Fall In Love – Estelle feat. Nas

Aug 2010 10

According to Kick Kick Snare, this chick is already a big deal: “Her self-titled debut album was released on July 12th on Parlophone and so far, her first two singles, “Skinny Genes” and “Pack Up” have both hit the top 25 charts.” I guess I need to step up my UK pop music game. “Missing” is a sugary blend of modern and vintage pop that falls somewhere between Lily Allen and Amy Winehouse. Solid pop song right here. Check it out.
Missing – Eliza Doolittle

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