Aug 2010 03

1 word. Re-don-cu-lous!
First time attending Osheaga and you can bet that this year performances made me a Osheager for LIFE!. Let’s start of by what I thought was the biggest headliner Weezer. I was jonsing to see them again. The last time was 15 years ago. Which I happily recalled to a fellow fan next me while we waited for the performance to start. ” I was there 15 years ago when they played at the Spectrum, it was a small venue but a crazy show. The crowd was insane. Intense as it could get! The craziest was at the end, those bastards didn’t even play an encore, the crowd wasn’t having it and started throwing chairs.” Anyways needless to say I experienced a small part of Weezer history when he started playing Undone ” The Sweater Song” and Cuomo started to recall the ’95 Spectrum experience. The coolest part but hard to hear in video is he changed the lyrics to the song to ” If you want to destroy the Spectruuum!!” instead of “If you want to destroy my sweater”

25,000 chanting in unison will rock your sooul….for days! This show was epic. Topped off with this gem, Wake Up I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Fireworks blasting off to an incredible show made it hard to choose were to look. I can’t explain this show in words but I can say that it was the best highlight of Osheaga. Arcade Fire, Fireworks, my b-day. My love! Can’t have a better combination. Theses type of shows exist in fairytales,where you enter through 2 magic tunnels and are exposed to utter heaven. Thank you!

As Snoop double dizzle said. Here’s the perfect song for you! He was dead on as he performed to a wasted and high crowd. All one could see is clouds of smoke billowing from the crowd as he yelled ” How many of you like to smoke?” This was one massive audience! Everyone was dancing and moving to Snoop. He played some classics and gave a little 2 song tribute to 2-Pac which was cool. He really got everyone jumping to House of Pains Jump Around. This was one of those shows at Osheaga that you weren’t going to miss and it showed, with what I remember as being the most amped crowd.

Tweeker ALERT! This was hectic!!! The Osheaga event programer Major-ly underestimated Major Lazers drawing power. The Picnic Electronic scene was bursting at the seems with overly hyped individuals. During the time I watched unfortunately I did not hear any Lazerproof songs or any of his famous ones. He mainly bumped out electro hip-hop, dance hall beats and mainly techno sounding remixes.

Speechless……or wordless, The National and Pavement rocking 25,000 people.