Jul 2013 28

The 1975 is getting noticed by everyone now. They are making big moves with tracks like “Sex” that capture the masses attention with an infectious chorus. They make songs that are meant for the outdoors, large fields filled with people singing along. Music festivals is where The 1975 would flourish. Here’s an interesting video remake of “Sex”, taking you on a journey between timeless lovers.

Swim Deep – “King City”
Jun 2013 08

Swim Deep is making their way from the underground to the main stream with their catchy beats and surfer rock attitude. I have to say their my favorite new indie band and if you haven’t heard of them yet go check out their Soundcloud page to see what I’m talking about. Swim Deep just re-released the remastered album version of their definitely to be played on a beach single “King City”. Check out their contagious sound and get summerized below.

HAIM – “Hold Me” (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
Jul 2012 27

Here’s the second track I’ve heard from Haim and I’m definitely feeling them. “Hold Me” will be featured on the Fleetwood Mac tribute album, Just Tell Me That You Want Me. Today, we get a taste of HAIM‘s reworking of “Hold Me,” which originally appeared on Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 album, Mirage. Consider the following age-old question: who did it better? Just Tell Me That You Want Me will be available on August 14th, and will include covers by Best Coast, Tame Impala, The Kills, and many others.

Jul 2012 16

The latest rock n roll track by Jack White is pretty damn amazing, throw in a big budget and some help from Hype Williams and you’ve got yourself a bonified rockstar video.

The Kickdrums – ‘Follow The Leaders’
Apr 2012 03

The Way It Goes – The Kickdrums ft. Big Pooh
Lights – The Kickdrums ft. Rebecca Jordan
Traces – The Kickdrums
Come Come – The Kickdrums ft. Hot As Sun & Freddie Gibbs
Safer Than Heaven – The Kickdrums
I’ve been following the very eclectic sounds of The Kickdrums over the years. It’s always very refreshing to hear new material from them because it’s always taking the genre to a new level. The Kickdrums latest, and I would safely say biggest project/mixtape ‘Follow The Leaders’ is my favorite. From beginning to end the mixtape carries over several different musical landscapes and for that reason is very listenable. Follow the Leaders also features a big list of artist featured such as Machine Gun Kelly, Big Pooh, Casey Veggies, Mr. Muthafuckin’ eXquire, Rockie Fresh, to name a few. The big secret here is that the song with Lana Del Rey and A$AP Rocky was removed from the mixtape because Rocky apparently wanted that one for his own album. This mixtape is free and it’s rare that free things amount to this much quality. Cope it now.

The Kills – “Pale Blue Eyes” (Cover)
Feb 2012 17

The soulfulness of this track threw me off. It’s guitar and simpleness is just one level on awesomeness. This makes me want to be in a smokey off-beat Quentin Tarantino scene. It’s arguable that Velvet Underground “Pale Blue Eyes” is most likely one of the top 10 classic songs from the 60′s. Either way it’s nice to hear it resurface and even more so because The Kills covered it.

Feb 2012 10

Amanda Polly’s video for Neverminds “Polly” is mega disturbing. I must say she took Kurt’s “Polly” to another level. It’s disturbing plot about a teenage runaway and eerie soundtrack make the lyrics about rape and torture even more dramatic. This cover song was part of SPIN’s tribute to Nevermind.

Dr Dog – “How Long Must I Wait” & Album Stream
Feb 2012 05

How Long Must I Wait – Dr Dog
Dr Dog known for being jam-rockers are hitting the scene with a gigantic 6th. After listening to the stream (after the jump) of Dr Dog’s “Be The Void” album I’m very impressed with the end product. Beginning to end the album keeps up it’s momentum and provides track after track of solid music. A solid rock album, check out the album stream after the jump.

Sleigh Bells – “Comeback Kid”
Jan 2012 17

Comeback Kid – Sleigh Bells
Sweet! A new track from my secret crush Sleigh Bells ever since Treats. Everything about Alexis Krauss brings Sleigh Bells to the forefront of modern electronic rock. Albeit that she’s doesn’t care what category she falls in. You can’t but help love her sweet vocal melodies over speed metal drums. The clash is a match made in heaven and so is “Comeback Kid”. I’m excited to hear more.

Mesita – “The Coyotes”
Dec 2011 13

The Coyotes – Mesita
It’s pretty apparent from the album artwork that Mesita reigns from a snowy region, to be more precise Colorado. Mesita aka James Cooley acts alone. You might mistake his full body indie sound for a band but you wrong. He’s actually a master of layering sounds. Using lush backdrops and layered vocals to push his sound further than one man could. “The Coyotes” is the first track I’ve heard from this new artist and if this track is any indication of whats to come then we should be excited. Mesita’s new album drops 2012 and is titled The Coyote.

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