Kanye West – “Bound 2 (Pawn Remix)”
Jul 2013 20

One of my fav tracks off Yezus was “Bound 2″, it reminding me of his old stuff. Pawn took the most Kanye sounding track and remixed it to sound like something you’d hear on the new Yezus album, edgy and mad beats. Check out below, also free download below.

Jul 2013 01

This song is why dark pop can be so amazing. “Habits” is a perfected contrasting pop song, the dark lyrics of Tov Lo mixed with the up-beat tempo make this my fav pop song of 2013. The best part of this song is that it will most likely never be played on the radio due to it’s controversial lyrics, making this a true dark pop ballad. So messed up yet so true…

Daftside – “Get Lucky”
Jun 2013 28

If you’re already tired from hearing Get Lucky a thousands time over on the radio then maybe this will revive some soulfunkness to your long weekend. Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside project, here renamed Daftside, takes all that aspiration and sucks out every drop of it from the original source. This album, mellow, strange and really just a series of clips uploaded to Soundcloud, remixes RAM in full, deconstructing it to resemble a thin, hollowed-out version of its original self. It’s an internet-redux model of Daft Punk’s work, a scratchy counterpart that sees virtue in the kind of ultra-low production values and consumption models that RAM veers away from.

“You & Me” – Disclosure (Flume Remix)
Jun 2013 22

Hands down the best album of the year for me which so happens to also be the best EDM album of the year is Disclosure’s Settle. I can’t stop listening to this album and every time I listen, it puts this big smile on my face. Flume got on the band wagon to remix one of the top tracks “You & Me” and in my opinion made it even better, dancier, more uptempo flow. Perfect for any dance floor. If you were disappointed with the Daft Punk don’t worry Disclosure and Flume got you covered.

Gentlemen Hall – “Sail Into The Sun (RAC Mix)”
Jun 2013 09

If your building that perfect summer mix you’d better have RAC on your radar. RAC’s does what they do best, taking Gentleman Hall’s “Sailing Into The Sun” and turned it into an airy, bouncy remix that’s perfect for those sunny, carefree days.

Jun 2013 08

Jungle’s hot new track and video for “Platoon” is downright awesome. First off, you’ve got an awesomely cute 6-year-old B-girl dancing to a smooth and infectious late-night summer track with hints of Breakbot, Metronomy, and a dash of – dare I suggest – Daft Punk, “Platoon” is so funky in the most unassuming way. Of course, though, the cute video is the highlight.

Here’s the latest from my favorite new EDM artists. Discloure has been dropping tracks left and right. The amazing part is their quantity is amazing quality. “When A Fire Starts To Burn” is no different. Today we get the visual treatment, the video takes the vocal sample in the track and makes it part of a sermon delivered by a preacher in a church. Interesting approach and works. If you want to see how dope this album truly is go stream over here: Get spiritual!

May 2013 26

Here’s something fresh that I’m pretty sure nobody has heard of. Jaymes Young first mysterious introduction called “Dark Star” sheds some light on his already mysterious lifestyle. Digging deeper into singer Jaymes Young’s Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud pages reveals pretty much the same thing as this song….nada. “Dark Star” is equal parts dark and anthemic, lurching forward on its massive beat and mysterious ways.

May 2013 20

It’s been more than a season since we’ve heard something new from Swedish pop trio NONONO, and now we get a totally upgraded and reenergized version of it thanks to fellow Swedish producer, Lissvik. With his reworking, the track transforms from a sweeping pop creation to a dubbed out banger. The track is part of a special 12″ edition of NONONO’s debut release, but you can stream it below now.

May 2013 18

Adding to last months upbeat track from Disclosure featuring Eliza Doolittle, “You & Me” gets some new fresh upgrades from Baauer. The track had a fun uplifting EDM feel to it already but now it takes on a different form thanks to some reworking by Baauer. He cuts it up, adding glitchy percussion and synths to effectively kick the energy level up a notch.

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