Jan 2014 01

2013 is gone….another one bites the dust. 2014 has so much in store for us. But before we move on we’d like to share with you guys the best live performances from Vancouver this year. The highlights for us were The Zolas’ intimate performance for charity, which included a super fun 1K Run to a beer garden. We also got into a sold out Of Monster and Men concert last minute only to be completely blown away by their performance and massive stage presence. And last but not least, my favourite underground rapper made his first appearance in Vancouver. Cormega absolutely gave the best lyrical performance I’ve ever witnessed, including an explanation of Mega’s Philosophy. Enjoy NoteNoted.com’s best of live performances from Vancouver 2013! More exciting performances to be noted in 2014!

Flume – Deluxe Edition: Best Hip-Hop Album of 2013
Nov 2013 02

I’ve been so busy with StreetScout.Me adding a lot to my plate but Flume gave me the motivation to tell the world about his exciting new self-titled album releasing on Nov 12th. Flume’s mixtape featuring a wide variety of hip-hop superstars such as Ghostface, Freddie Gibbs, and Stalley to name a few, is what I’m already labelling to be the best hip-hop album of 2013. If you don’t believe me check out the 3 already released tracks of Flume’s mixtape below.

Sep 2013 16

Whasssssup! So here’s the last good single from Daft Punk’s RAM. It’s pretty sad that there’s only a handful of tracks on an ablum that I’ve been waiting years on. Also what’s sad is the video, they basically shot “Get Lucky” and “Lose yourself to dance” on the same set which I find strange being that Daft has the budget for bigger and better things. Anyways I’m done with Daft Punk this year and hoping the next big album I’ve been anticipating doesn’t let me down as much as Daft Punk did. But by the sounds of the new single Reflector from Arcader Fire I think I’m going to pretty happy.

Jul 2013 28

The 1975 is getting noticed by everyone now. They are making big moves with tracks like “Sex” that capture the masses attention with an infectious chorus. They make songs that are meant for the outdoors, large fields filled with people singing along. Music festivals is where The 1975 would flourish. Here’s an interesting video remake of “Sex”, taking you on a journey between timeless lovers.

Kanye West – “Bound 2 (Pawn Remix)”
Jul 2013 20

One of my fav tracks off Yezus was “Bound 2″, it reminding me of his old stuff. Pawn took the most Kanye sounding track and remixed it to sound like something you’d hear on the new Yezus album, edgy and mad beats. Check out below, also free download below.

Lauryn Hill – “Doo Wop (That Thing) (Akouo Rework)”
Jul 2013 14

Now that Lauryn Hill is doing her 3 month stint in Jail she’s getting a lot more attention. Akouo for example just took one of her classic tracks “Doo Wop (That Thing),” and updated it with layering Ms. Hill’s voice tweaked at different pitches for an interesting result. Pretty fresh and free, download below.

Jul 2013 06

From taking a hit off an oxygen tank in a snakeskin jacket to discovering a mysterious VHS tape, Coco Morier’s official video for “Hallucination”, directed by Nick Ebeling, is a Lynch-ian inspired cinematic love story that finds itself surrealistically unfolding in reverse. The song is on Coco’s “Strangers May Kiss” EP and was co-written and produced by Pontus Winnberg and Christian Karlsson (Miike Snow) and Magnus Lidehäll.

Jul 2013 04

Here’s the latest visuals for one of the many standout tracks off Chance The Rapper’s latest mixtape ‘Acid Rap’, which if you haven’t heard yet is bordering on awesome and is a refreshing new direction in an old-fashion sorta way. “Smoke Again” featuring Ab-Soul is chill and rocks the bass hard, his laid back flow infused with his equally laid-back beats make this a win-win.

Jul 2013 01

This song is why dark pop can be so amazing. “Habits” is a perfected contrasting pop song, the dark lyrics of Tov Lo mixed with the up-beat tempo make this my fav pop song of 2013. The best part of this song is that it will most likely never be played on the radio due to it’s controversial lyrics, making this a true dark pop ballad. So messed up yet so true…

Daftside – “Get Lucky”
Jun 2013 28

If you’re already tired from hearing Get Lucky a thousands time over on the radio then maybe this will revive some soulfunkness to your long weekend. Nicolas Jaar’s Darkside project, here renamed Daftside, takes all that aspiration and sucks out every drop of it from the original source. This album, mellow, strange and really just a series of clips uploaded to Soundcloud, remixes RAM in full, deconstructing it to resemble a thin, hollowed-out version of its original self. It’s an internet-redux model of Daft Punk’s work, a scratchy counterpart that sees virtue in the kind of ultra-low production values and consumption models that RAM veers away from.

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