Daft Punk – Technologic (Digitalism Remix)
Feb 2010 21

Technologic (Digitalism Remix) – Daft Punk Lepaux Add On
This was in my dreams on the weekend…or the club. Don’t remember but mostly likely remixes that sound this good only exist in my dreams. Beginning is a slow, so if need skip straight to masterpiece from 2 mins to 3 mins. Why can’t the whole song be like that??

Mar 2010 08

When it comes to the Japanese electro scene, our friends over at Too Many Sebastians are always ahead of us. Bringing us news in form of a new original from wonder 80kidz on a Sunday morning just like that. Altough one member shorter now, 80kidz are still top of their game. “Voice” is is taken from their brand new EP, only available in Japan so far. As we wait for it to hit beatport and Itunes over here, this epic electric guitar breakdown is more than enough to keep me satisfied!

Oct 2010 20

Here’s ome smooth track to start out your Wednesday.

Hailing from San Diego California, Black Cotton is comprised of three emcees: Jimbo Slice, Leo Nardo and music producer Marre-L (pronounced Maurey EL). “Something About It” is their first single from their upcoming project Keys To The Suite dropping this October. The track features a Daft Punk sample which gives way to it’s nice funk/R&B sound. Check it out below.
Something About Us – Black Cotton

Oct 2010 27

Finally, some screen shots with Daft Punk starring in Tron. I’m so excited for this movie and for one reason – new Daft Punk songs. By the sounds of it so far I’ve been quite unimpressed. Most of the track I’ve heard / the leaks are all background sounding tracks that sound like they belong in a movie like the Matrix. Nothing special, nothing Daft Punk. The only song that brought a smile to my face was the Tron Theme Legacy track, it’s a very dark track – something you’d expect from our beloved french duo.

Anyways this trailer/video features an extended listen to “Derezzed,” something you’ve might of heard earlier if you’re a fanatic like me trying to soak up whatever new Daft Punk arises. I’m digging Daft Punk new Tron suits.

Dec 2010 03

A lot of people have been hating on Daft Punk’s Tron soundtrack after it leaked and turned out to be a soundtrack, not a new Daft Punk album. Haters. I love soundtracks. Anyway, this Breakdown remix of Derezzed should help anyone out who wanted a full dancefloor banger out of the Tron album.
(Breakdown Remix) – Daft Punk

Daft Punk – Best Remixes
Dec 2011 31

Something About Us – Daft Punk (Cherokee Remix)
High Fidelity – Daft Punk (Frankie Soukal Lake Shore Remix)
Television Rules The Nation – Daft Punk (Antham Ram Remix)
Around The World – Daft Punk (Nycer Remode Mix)
Highlife – Daft Punk (WBBL Remix)
So those whom know me know that Daft Punk (have framed art in my living room, pictured above) and Mobb Deep (no art in living room) are my favorite artists. Yes one is a happy electro duo from France and the other a gansta duo from Queensbridge. Life is all about balance right? Anyways I figured I’d celebrate the New Years with my favorite remixes of my favorite artiist, Daft Punk. So here’s the scoop. One of my fav remixes and most popular is Cherokee’s “Something About Us” and for very good reason, the gentle chillwave nu-disco beat is very relaxing. “High Fidelity” remix by Frankie Soukal Lake Shore is softer than some of the remixes and in ways more french sounding, the song is relaxed and beat orientated. “Television Rules The Nation” remix from Antham is a much lighter disco spin off from the heavy Daft version. “Around The World” by Nycer Remode is debatable that’s its disco but I find that the synth remake of the main beat makes it more disco than electro/house. Lastly but not least I thought I’d include a Hip-Hop version of “Highlife” which WBBL did a great job with chopping and screwing the original and Ill-Type mixed in some vocals.

“Happy New Years! May 2012 be the beginning of something good and not the end” – J Note | Note Noted

Apr 2013 14

One word…OMG! I can’t flipping wait. I haven’t been this excited for an album since Michael Jacksons thriller. Random Access Memories is going to be everything we expected and more!

Daft Punk’s Leaked Random Access Memories Album is Good or Bad or Fake?
May 2013 13

Lose Yourself to Dance
Instant Crush
Give Life Back to Music
Get Lucky
Stream Random Access Memories on iTunes
It’s so hard being a fan, especially today for us die hard Daft Punk fans. Over my eight years of waiting for a new Daft Punk album and my unfortunate letdown that was the OST for Tron it’s been an emotional Journey leading up to the release of Daft Punk’s 4th studio album. The roller coaster started when I first saw the 10 second teaser for what we now know is there hugely successful first single “Get Lucky’s”. It was this perfect snippet that if put on repeat would keep me uber satisfied for a long time. But no that’s never enough, everyday afterwards I was roaming the net for the final version of “Get Lucky”. Which only surfaced after the first weekend of Coachella when they made a surprise appearance playing teaser video snippet, this time one minute long, on screens across the festival. After waitng a week and what was supposedly a real version leaked on the radio we finally got the REAL version. I was tricked a few times into beileving I had the real song but only to be mislead. Continuing on my roller coster ride, being on cloud nine every time I listened to “Get Lucky” my anticipation built to levels I had rarely experienced for an album release. I knew deep down inside that Random Access Memories would be the best album of the year, that it would blow my socks of the minute I heard it. So now we are several days away from the album release and low and behold…..a mysterious leak surfaces, not only a leak but a confirmation from iTunes that this leak was real when they posted the stream themselves officially. I heard about the leak on on social media with notoriously bad reviews. I was starting to get upset about the reviews and figured that these people were being to criticial. I had to give it a listen. At first I started laughing and then laughter turned into confusion. What was I listening too? Some really bad unreleased Jamiroquai album? I kept hiting next waiting for that “Get Lucky” song to give me an eargasm. But it didnt happen, instead I was shocked at what I heard. I started to deny what I listening to, making excuses, saying that this leak had to be fake. Even though a legitimate source was saying it was real. I didn’t even give it a chance I was so upset. Fast forward to the drive home, where my upgraded car stereo whoed me over very fast. After listening to Lose yourself to Dance 3 times in a row and then moving on to “Instant Crush” I started to smile. I got it – Daft Punk was working my eargasm and making me very happy. Yes this album was a huge departuture from what we are used too and some may say that the 60-70′s sampling is play out or boring. But there’s someting about the good tracks on this album that make it an absolute winner. When I first heard this album and went on a rant on Facebook about how bad it was when I hadn’t even given it a chance. I kept hitting next hoping a song would jump out and smack me. What I needed to do was wait for it and let it seep into my mind so that I could understand it’s direction. In the end I’m truly sorry for thinking this album sucked. Nowadays a good album consists of about 4 solid tracks and if you take the time to listen they’re at least 4 good songs on Random Access Memories. So wether this is some sort of fake or not. It’s damn good and I still love you Daft Punk, you can do no wrong.