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Inspired & The Sleep – “What I Want and What I Need”
Feb 2012 14

We heard about this last week through Hi54LoFi records, as part of a compilation release to be like a virtual Valentine’s day card. This is just one example and a very good one. “What I Want and What I Need” are not 2 seperate songs but yet like the ying and yang the are in perfect balance….I guess. Anyways. Sorry for the lack of post I’ve been busy with work but I swear to make up for last time in the next few days.

“I aimed to record more of a simple straight forward pop song sort of along the lines of the Moldy Peaches.
In majority the song was written in one late night with the beautiful Kaila Abruzzo who sang on the track as well.
The instrumentation was based around a ukulele part and the chorus melody. I looped some light percussion of finger snaps, and me patting my leg among other various things.
And yes that’s a smooch at the very end. The individual song’s artwork was made by my 8th grade cousin who did a splendid job!”

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