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Jan 2012 11

Video Games – Left Boy ft. Mirakle
Left Boy has got me surprised and excited over the following 2 bangers that have been on repeat since I’ve found them. His mix of electro hip-hop is the perfect fusion of sound. It workd so well, In the video for “Outro” the visuals are basic using a slow mo to spice up the most mundane things, there are some surprises.Then Left Boy took everything good about “Video Games”, it’s catchy melodic chorus and sombre overall feeling and turned it on its head, well not really its head but more like its side. Throwing 8 bit sounds on the synth to complete Lana Del Rey’s sample. It’s actually pretty dope, slightly different and another reason to listen to “Video Games” or “Outro” once again.

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    Thanks for the love! -LB

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